Asia Outdoor Advertising 2007

Did you go to the Asia Outdoor Advertising 2007 exhibition at Suntec City between 24th to 26th October last week? I did.

I must say that the exhibition was quite the disappointment. Maybe because it was held during weekdays, the turn out wasn’t as great as the organisers had expected. Plus, the exhibition itself didn’t actually showcase really creative advertising. Maybe that wasn’t the aim, but from the name of the exhibition, I was expecting that. Hrmm. Anyway, most of the booths there were taken up by printer companies, banner-making companies and also erm… More printer companies. There was this one exception though which got my jaw dropping a few times.

Stagepod Outdoor Advertising

And no, it’s not because of the hot girl dancing on stage. 😛 This thing is called a “Stagepod” (seriously, enough with the ‘-pods’ names already! And the ‘i-whatever’ names too. Time to get the brains cracking and come up with original names, dammit!) and it’s basically a 3D imaging theatre which projects very very very realistic 3D videos. When I first saw this, I knew it was a 3D video, but I stood and stared in amazement for a while anyway, ’cause it really looked like there was a lady up on stage dancing!

A couple of times, my mind wondered if there was really someone up there, even if my brain knew it was a 3D video. It was that convincing! (Wonderworks should pay me for saying so much nice things about their product! Hahaha!) Anyway, the images don’t do justice and their website is not all that great, so you might not want to bother viewing them. (Or maybe Wonderworks shouldn’t pay me…) I mean, seriously… If you’re going to post a video on your website, why would you post a zoomed-out view of your product’s capability? The product took up probably 1/6th of the whole video screen! That is just stupid, okay?

That aside, the product itself, although humongous in physical size – I can’t imagine portability being their selling point, does a great job mimicking real-life. I was in awe.

Next evolution should definitely be to make the system much more portable (although they do have a super mini-sized versions – but I’m thinking more still keeping to the stage look, rather than the existing Point-Of-Sales interface type), to entice advertisers to use them in future exhibitions without breaking the bank to pay for the floor space neccessary!

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