rugby world cup 2007 FranceThe match started off with something i saw for the first time. The Haka being performed right smack in the French faces! The French boys were not affected by the war cry, infact some were taunting the All Blacks in return!

New Zealand battered the French in the first half, but the French kept it up in the second. Both team kept their composure within the last 30 minutes and the it was a spectacular win for the French. A couple of desperate measures taken by the All Blacks resulted in a loss!
All Blacks 18 – France 20
It was a great match regardless of the results.

2 hours before, neighbouring country Australia lost to previous cup champions, England.
Australia 10 – England 12

The ghost of 1999, did resurface. All i gotta say is: Australasia, 4 more freaking years!

This is Mr Malique, wishing you good Sunday ahead. Selamat berpuasa and have a good one.

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