Captain Planet spotted in UniSIM!I came across this awareness poster at SIM University some days ago. Captain Planet!

The Green Living Club is making use of Captain Planet to help spread awareness regarding environmental issues. This poster is one out of several (I saw at least 3) in the series, although only this one features our mullet-haired pal here.

I’m not sure if the Green Living Club is associated with the official Captain Planet Foundation, but using the green hero as a mascot was definitely eye-catching for me, as I’ve not seen him for years!

On that note, Mr. Malique asked me to remind you to eat your green veggies and do your part for the planet!

The power is… Yours!

P/S: Sorry I’ve not posted a new tutorial yet! I know I promised it to be out by now, but I’ve (surprisingly) been rather busy. I’ll try to get it done soon! Shout-outs to tutorial-seekers from NAFA and also their lecturers! Thanks for the support!

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