Taking a taxi will be like taking a flight. Soon.

Just months after taxi fares rose sharply, cab commuters may have to brace themselves for another cost hike: fuel surcharges.

The Sunday Times has learnt that taxi companies here are proposing what airlines have been applying since 2004 – a surcharge on top of stated fares to defray rising fuel prices. In the case of airlines, the surcharges are sometimes higher than the fares.


Its an undeniable fact that fuel price will increase once the earth’s oil supply is decreasing. Eventually, it will be depleted. One day. Don’t know when, but i hope it is not within my lifetime. So many ugly events can occur once oil starts to deplete. Just imagine.

On to the story i quoted above. Please read it in depth. Taking cabs would be like taking a flight soon.

It’d be great if all cabs can be fitted with CNG. What is cng? Compressed natural gas. Cng is a substitute of diesel and petrol. It is considered more environmentally clean compared to what we are currently using. Cng cost approximately $1 per kg. While petrol cost an average of $2.20 and diesel at $1.90 per liter. The significant saving will definitely put a big smile on everyone. Not all cabs are fitted with CNG, but i notice most of TRANS and PREMIER cabs are. Good move!

We (singapore) are so slow at implementing this cost and earth saving technology. In the US, most homes have cng kits in their garage! So the the average Joe can pump cng in their Fords and drive off. In India, almost all of their auto-rickshaws uses cng! A cng refueling station can be seen almost everywhere. In Malaysia, they have NGV(natural gas vehicle) fueling stations all over the country! You see your average Petronas station, most likely there is an NGV spot too. Now how many cng stations do we have? Two. Or 3, if you have access to Jurong Island.

Singapore is also doing its bid, fret not. The newer buses you see on the roads are on cng (yeap!) and some taxis too. While i hope the nation can speed up the current ‘testing’ phase, i am also at the same time wishing all private cars can be retrofitted with a cng kit. Currently only 5000 cars in Singapore are cng ready. But news is catching up. Most owners feel the pinch and don’t mind saving money (who doesn’t), so there is a waiting list to fit your car with a cng kit. This is definitely a good sign. The only downside of having a cng fitted car: You gotta sacrifice boot space. I don’t need use my boot space all the time. Its not a mobile closet/wardrobe/etc. So yeah. 🙂

So my friends, save money and save the earth at the same time. Sounds like a plan? 😉 I think so too.

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