sticker lampWe’ve talked about stickers as a marketing material/medium before. Lets go further and explore creative use of stickers in advertising.
Stickers are great for advertising, it allows you to do the ‘impossible’ on the cheap. They are affordable, flexible and property-friendly if you go for the goo-free ones. Our friends at Frontier Label has sponsored this article on creative ways to advertise using stickers.

But first, here’s one creative use of stickers/Labels at home, DIY style. Decorate your favourite home decor items with stickers! Print your designs, or even photos or friends, and paste ’em up! A clever way to liven up old stuffs.


Folgers Coffee uses the steam of manholes to promote their line of coffee. I think it’s cool, really!


Saatchi & Saatchi helped Auckland’s cable tv to promote the launch of Batman Begins on TV2. Stickers were placed on footpath lights. At night when the lights were on, beams of light shone. CLEVER!

There are many other ways to advertise the guerilla style. Here is a good example of an event invitation, targetting a certain demographic. In this case, they were targetting daredevils… on bikes!


The BMX Scary Jump in Milano, Italy, was a huge hit when these stickers ended up on random bicycles. Creating awareness for a certain target group, this method really works and at the same time clever and witty. Kudos to the team at Leo Burnett!

The possibilites are endless. Headstart your advertising campaign with custom labels and see the results for youself! Trust me, it will attract attention.

Till next time, this is Mr. Malique signing off! Stay tuned for the next hot tips and tricks of advertising.

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