free magazine subscription is now offering sales & trade magazine to our readers. Qualified readers will get a year’s subscription…for free. Yes you heard that right. We’re proud to announce the partnership with a leading trade & marketing magazine publisher

What are the benefits of reading a Mr Malique partnered magazine?

  • It’s free
  • Superb vocabulary builder.
  • Stress buster/reliever, and relaxer.
  • Great for learning and education.
  • It’s free

If trade and marketing magazines are not your cuppa tea, there are a couple of design/creative gems too.
Recommended read: Brand Packaging , Website Magazine , DV , Videography Magazine…and lots more.

Whitepaper, newsletters, podcasts and webcasts available for download too. 😉

Hundreds of titles to choose from. Free subscription and did we also say free shipping? Available worldwide so that includes Canada, Asia..the works. We don’t know how long the offer stays, but we assure you for now, its totally free! So head down to the magazine page and choose one. Or two. 😉

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