x filesWhat do schools, toilets, hospitals and army camps have in common?
Do you believe in..umm..ghosts?

I am not really into the paranormal, although i spent 3 good years with the now defunct SFOGS.com, but i love listening to ghost stories! Or a scary movie! Or a “friend A heard from friend B, who heard from friend E” story. Hahah..

That’s always the case isn’t it? 😉

Do you have any stories to share?

Well i’ll start. It was dark and gloomy night. (haha!) I have never, ever seen any of them in any physical form, at all. But i sure have experienced strange, unexplained encounters.

I was probably 11 years old. Still at the old place. This could be my very first paranormal encounter. Was walking home, along the void decks (why are they called void?) and walking opposite me was a man who was holding the hands of his 2 sons. They had this cheeky, naughty look on them. Godammit i remembered very well. A quick second glance, the man was seen carrying 2 plastic bags instead! I know this sounds so stupid, but for a first time freaky encounter, i couldn’t sleep well that night.

One of my family member (i just don’t feel right saying who he/she is) was hospitalised, in intensive care, for a bad bad bad case of drug allergy. Long story short. He/she had a very major reaction that his/her body was similar to a 3rd degree burnt victim. I was totally lost during that hard period. 🙁

Days went by, followed by weeks..he/she finally managed to talk. He/she would ask me for a drink, i’d keep him/her company, doing everything that i’d do for someone i love. I remembered the day very well. It was on my birthday 🙂 and he/she was showing good signs like asking for food and all. (ahhh, i love you, you know. so much) He/she started to confide in me. He/she told me that there was a man outside the intensive care unit with a cage like object. Inside the cage were lots of crickets. He/she was describing to me how the man would let out the crickets slowly. I was super freaked out. Next, he/she told me that the kids were making so much noise at night. Asking me to do something about it. I was telling myself its the morphine that’s doing all the talking. I do not want to believe in things like these and i stand firm with his/her mentality when he’s/she’s sick. Only 2 things can cure me when im sick, God and a Doctor.

The next day he/she was looking for me the first thing in the morning. (i slept in the hospital, keeping watch) “Ask James to get out of there! Its too dangerous!!” He/She was telling me that a relative of ours was outside the window (ala spiderman) asking him/her to come out and play. 🙁 The ICU was on the 7th or 12th (i can’t recall the exact level) floor.

I’m sorry but i have to stop here. Hope you guys can understand. It’s getting way too emotional for me to write this at 1am. But i assure you the story had a superb, good ending. He/she got well (even the doctors were amazed!!) all is fine & i swear i’ll never leave my sights off him/her. 🙂

Well that’s that. I’d loooove to hear from you! Tell me, what was the freakiest encounter ever..and how did you react to it?

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