Stickers can be a lot of fun. It can also be a powerful marketing tool. Listen up, and learn.
So you have that small startup of yours and you want to get the word around. What do you do? Grab a cuppa, this sponsored post will show you how to do things right, guerilla style!

Take Threadless for example. Every order comes with a random number of stickers. These stickers basically have their company logo on it, and of course the url of their business. This, in a way, is spoon feeding consumers to ‘tag’ their brand all around their neighborhood. Now your brand’s exposure has gone up a notch higher. Rinse, repeat; and you get the brand awareness around in no time.

Vandalism is of course not recommended, apply all tagging actions with caution.

This mode of advertising is usually given out free. You have to spend some to win some. Leave it around at conferences, leave some lying around in libraries, or even tie up with your local coffee house.

We highly recommend Frontier Labels for all your label/sticker needs. They will print and ship your high quality labels in one business day with flexibility of combining same sized labels into one combined price to pass of the savings onto your consumers.  Frontier Labels strives for  100% customer satisfaction.  Give them a call, and see for yourself.

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