Selamat Hari Raya ’08

selamat hari raya

better late then never…selamat hari raya!

Away from F1 Madness

Away from F1 madness from Mr Malique on Vimeo.

Yesterday was the F1’s practice session.
Roads were closed, and yes, traffic was a bitch.

To avoid all that, me and the missus headed for sunset grill, tucked far far away in Seletar.

But whoa, seems like they were having some aircraft event there. i was right. A sign says “Aircraft Sale!”

Rich ass buggers. -_-“

GoThere Rebranding (with exclusive interview) rebranding
Gothere, probably the best navigational site in Singapore, has got a fresh new look.

What do i think about this rebranding?
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History Of Singapore – The New Edit

History Of Singapore - The New Edit

Apparently, Singapore farted in importance during the 6600 century under the rule of stinkywinky pamts prince, Parameswara (Wikipedia’s vandalised History Of Singapore entry).

In other news, who’s loving the new Google Chrome browser? I know I’m not! Haha.

Later guys!