Video 101

I have always been interested in video podcasts, especially the ones published by Revision3. Have you seen any of their shows? The intros are awesome! Well, read on if video making intrigues you, sponsored by our friends over at Richter Studios.

First off, you need a good video camera. Thanks Captain Obvious! I personally own a Aiptek HD which rocks but editing/rendering HD can be a pain in the *** if you have a slow system.  So obviously next, you’d need a high end computer. Be it a mac or windows, video editing needs a lot of memory, so you gotta spend some on those rams.

A ‘mini steadycam would also be nice. Something handheld and not the full body armor type. You can get one of those at most online video specialist stores or even DIY. Once you’ve got your gear, gather a few friends, record some silly action and upload it on the interwebs!

But if you’re looking for professional video editing and awesome production services, give Richter Studios a call. They provide video production services,
interactive CD-DVD programming, web site development and presentation design. All under one roof. Let’s say your company is launching  a new product. A viral video is the best solution for that guerilla in you! Richter Studios can hook you up with actors, lighting and studio rental.  They can also  shoot in any format, and at any desired location. And if you already have the raw video files, let them handle the post-production and do their magic. Their team of world class editors and animators awesome! Also don’t be afraid to ask for other products which they are very good at, like 2D graphics, 3D animations, text treatments, logo animations, stylized effects and animation wizardry. Create your attention-grabbing masterpiece for your next marketing warplan!

Don’t wait. Video Production Services by Richter Studios is the way to go.