adobe photoshop rebranding
Say Hello to a new Photoshop logo. Well not really.

indesign publishing softwareThis is the new Photoshop Family logo. Photoshop family of products now has its own logo and tag-line; See What’s Possible. Each individual product are still sticking to their 2 letter, web 2.0 looking logo-set. (see above, example of an Adobe product, InDesign) I really think Adobe, being the leader in image editing software, could have done better. It looks like the old PBS logo, the guys who brought you elmo and big bird.

While the logo doesn’t really blow me away, it depicts a cheap web 2.0 brand. Lets put the family logo aside and lemme direct you to the intro video, which shows how different people in different profession use the Adobe Photoshop Family. Take a look, you’ll be amazed!

So, tell me what you think of the new logo.

Leave a comment, or ten!

This is Mr.Malique signing off saying goodbye and be kind to Adobe. 🙂

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