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South Africa For The Win! (FTW)
Say hello to 2007’s Rugby World Cup Champion, South Africa! I’m shocked for words. The Springboks fans must be ecstatic! Its just fantastic.

The match started quite slow but it kicked off with a penalty on the 7th minute. England responded with a penalty minutes after. Second half landed a spectator in jail. The bloke was running around the field taking with him 2 officials, for a ‘come catch me’ session. It was hilarious! Another blooper in this final match was the crash between Montgomery and the big ass television camera (see top picture). I bet it hurt real bad.

habana & montgomery south africa springboks 2007 world cup champions

Credit for both teams in defense. It was definitely a tight match. Well done lads.

rugby world cup 2007 south africa

After the match, the trophy was carved on the spot with the champions name on it. Like Zul was saying “I hope they have a spare cup incase something happen”

*Scenario 1, if the winner were the England team*
Who won? England, ok.

*Scenario 2, if the carver watches too much Cartoon Network*
Ok, South….Park..

So the cup was placed on the field by a young boy. Before he went to the field, back in the stadium, the cup broke in half!! OMG! It was put back together within seconds. I had a feeling it was only a temporary fix. and boy i was right. When the winning team picked it up, they only picked up the upper half of it. Ah what a blooper!

Kudos to the very gallant and inspiring English team. And Say Hello to your Champions, South Africa!

Thank you very much, you’ve been a great audience. Its been great pleasure, thank you once again. Im Mr Malique signing off and have a grrrrrrreat Sunday!

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