This week on, we talk about clinching that job in the current financial tsunami, how to elevate your skills and how to upgrade it…brought to you by our friends at K Alliance.

Are you jobless? I feel you. It’s very hard to get a job nowadays with everyone cutting cost and red tape and what-not. Why aren’t firms/companies interested in you, you may ask. Simple. ‘Cos there are millions out there with the same skill set, just like you. How do you go about that? Upgrading yourselves.

Lets say you’re a graphic designer who’s proficient in photoshop, illustrator and other imaging software. By having knowledge/certification in other mediums in your related field, you have stepped up the game, my friend. For publishing, you can take up online training for softwares like Quarkxpress or InDesign. Multimedia is the keyword this season. So fire up your web and multimedia interactive skills with online training at K Alliance.
Have you thought of taking up Dreamweaver and Flash courses? It could be your trump card in the next job application.

Ok, so maybe you own your own design business. You can also take up skills with online training in topics such as Business Etiquette, Innovation or even interviewing skills, if you ever need a helping hand for a couple of your projects lying around. There are an abundance of online training courses you can sign up for at K Alliance. Trust me, you’ll need it. Not now, not tomorrow…but one fine day it’ll come in handy.

So get your piece of the knowledge pie with them today. Procrastinators need not apply. 😉

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