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What would you do if a random dude (stranger danger!) pops into your house and start lying on your bed?
I’d kick that son of a ***** out!!

Meet Prager, Mr nice guy, also one of the founders of Revision 3; my favourite internet tv network.

A drunk crazy ass dude stepped into his place, used the bathroom and conked out on his bed! Yes wtf! And Prager was being all nice…well too nice! I’d practice krav maga on him and call the cops. But the dude seemed harmless. Watch the clip, its hilarious! Seems like the crazy dude was on something…he couldnt speak well, he didnt know why he was there, etc.

Part 1
Part 2


I want to see this discussed on the next episode of diggnation! ..and hope this wasn’t staged at all, its too funneh.

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