meizu m6 miniplayer

I received a call from SingPost 2 days back and i was informed i had an incoming package that doesn’t have an address. I ruled out the thought of anthrax, cos i had recently ordered a portable media player, online. But how did they got my contact number? Weird. But that’s another story.

Ladies and Gentlemen, i present to you the Meizu M6. Yes, the Meizu that’s going-to-make-an iphone-killer, Meizu. Received the package promptly 1 day earlier then the promised timing. I’m impressed.
meizu m6 unboxed


Upon receiving the package from the mailman, i felt cheated. Yes. It was so light, i thought i had been scammed. I had mixed feelings before i opened it. I told myself to do a report to paypal if it’s an empty package. Haha, paranoid. Ok, if you still don’t get what im trying to say: The Meizu M6 Miniplayer is freaking small and light!

The Meizu M6 Miniplayer is not a newcomer to the US Mp3 market. Infact, it has gained status as the underdog of the portable media player(pmp) scene. It comes in 4GB & 8GB, in two colors black and white. The player plays a range of audio formats like MP3, WMA and OGG. Video playback is a god-sent with low sized xvid format.

meizu m6 portable multimedia player


The Meizu M6 standard issue comes with a carrying pouch, strap, cleaning cloth, earbuds, standard USB cable, manual, software for converting video and of course the player itself. But mine came without the pouch, strap and cleaning cloth. Boo.
The distributor claimed that Meizu has discontinued these items. Boo!


One glance and it looks like your typical made-in-china pmp. But don’t let looks deceive you. The small yet sturdy body packs a punch. Make that two! The menu console on the left also acts as a sliding key, like the ipod’s sliding knob. It is quite sensitive and needs a few hours to get used to. I was irritated at first. Haha!


It is very clear no doubt. What makes it so clear? The screen is made by Toshiba, baby yeah. As far as how scratch prone it is, im not sure as i have a screen protector in place.


Overall I am very impressed with the audio quality. It is clean and customisable.
The audio is tweakable with a 10-band EQ, bass boost, treble boost, and SRS effects. I could hear Michael Buble so clear, i thought he was next to me.


Capacity 1 GB, 2 GB, 4 GB (1x4GB chip), 8 GB (2x4GB chips) flash memory
Size 79 x 48.2 x 10 mm
Display 2.4″ 260K-color QVGA (320×240) TFT-LCD screen
Weight 55g
Audio Supports MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG, FLAC, WMA lossless
Video AVI format (XviD) at up to 20fps and 384 / 512 kbit/s
Battery Rechargeable Li-ion battery, rated at 20 hours audio playback, 6 hours video playback

meizu miniplayer m6


Made-in-China products aren’t that bad. The miniplayer is a great product, with constant updates on its firmware which adds more features and functionality. File transferring is a breeze with drag-and-drop. The video converter software that comes with it is superb too. Sound wise, i must say i had an audio-gasm. Need i say more?

The Meizu M6 is available in most online stores with a great price tag of $112-120 for the 4GB model.

Let’s wait for the M8 to launch, shall we? Now excuse me while i watch Heroes on the M6.

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